Dear kelun

Please allow me to write some sentence to you.
It will be in English , because that makes it a little easier for me.
My greetings to you friend B.on Saturday might have been a little irritating for both of you,but it all came from my heart,
Now I would like to express something especially to you(that also comes from my heart to you).-as the founder of three medical centers for Traditinal Medicine TCM around here in Nordvendsyssel.
I am so grateful to “destiny” that I met you here already 4 years ago in a countryside so far north,without alternative medicine.I am so greatful to you as a doctor of TCM, who has helpe me with your great skills many times.
You, dear Kelun, were the pioneer who left his country,family and friends to come to Denmark. You brought the old wisdom of Chinese medicine to a westen country where people had forgotten about the old wisdom.
You are a fortunate scientist to combine the “OLD” and the”NEW” science, to do research work on a university level and to teach people here!
But this is not enough.
You constantly also give your clients and your friends from China the opportunity for more exchange between East and West just for the benefit of people.
Dear Kelun , I am so greatful that you are here an make things happen!
Allow me to say this – I call you a very lucky member of humanity.

Gunam Hansen, Skagen (Female)